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귤냥이 - Gyulnyang-i
Leader of the pack! He is the king of adventures; very curious and the centre of attention.

Always very active, positive, innocent and dynamic.

​​He has magic tools: Cat bells and a spaceship in the tangerine bag!

복냥이 - Bognyang-i
The sweet one!

But… when she's angry, her character changes to a scary one.
She's interested in history, and unlike her cute appearance, she is very much serious about dad jokes.
​​She has an invincibility cloak... Be careful! 

멜냥이 - Melnyang-i
He is sometimes the voice of reason, but a bit self-centered and feisty! 
He is highly suspicious and intelligent.
Very eager to win, practice self-love, and like to charm others.
​​His magic tools are the super watermelon seeds, and super strength! 

체리냥 - Chelinyang

The Inventor!

A four-dimensional inventor who is immersed in her own world.
Serious about: Inventions, Clean Things, Principles of Operation, Analysis, Exploration, Justice.
​She is very very neat and surprisingly stubborn. 
​Can invent magical tools! 

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