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귤냥이와 친구들 Alphabet Song Contest

The "ABC Song (Alphabet Song) Contest" is being organized by "귤냥이와 친구들," a renowned children's education brand. The contest seeks submissions of ABC Songs that are easy for children to sing along and have a catchy melody. The submission period is from January 9 to February 8, 2024, with winners announced on February 16, 2024. Open to anyone interested in creating children's music, entries should be in MP3 format, at least one minute long, and include the vocal guide. Multiple entries are allowed. Submissions are via email to, and participants should include their phone number and any special notes about the lyrics in their email.


The ABC Song contest by "귤냥이와 친구들" will judge entries based on their catchy, age-appropriate melodies and lyrics that are easy for children to follow. The total prize pool is 5 million KRW, including various awards. Entries must be original and free from copyright disputes. If an entry violates copyright, it can be disqualified, and the submitter is responsible for any legal issues. The organizer retains non-exclusive rights to use the winning entries. The organizer may request modifications to the selected songs and has the right to create derivative works. The submission guidelines and judging criteria are subject to change at the organizer's discretion. For more information or questions, contact

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