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At OrangeCat Global (Recognition and Facts - 인식과 사실)  we are an Educational Media & Entertainment company on a mission to bring together creative minds with our content developers and small media enterprises in Asia. Our team consists of talented 2D and 3D video animators, skilled translators, and experienced script editors from various corners of the world.

If you're enthusiastic about joining our endeavors and contributing to the development of several ongoing projects at OrangeCat & Friends, we welcome your interest! Feel free to apply now and become a part of our dynamic team. Together, we can create engaging and educational content that will captivate audiences worldwide.

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Cat games - "Episodes 1 -4"

If you've seen Squid Game on Netflix, check this out!

"Squid Game" OrangeCat with Friends version! 

Featured for 2023: OrangeCat Education Center

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OrangeCat & Friends 귤냥이와 친구들

Join our rapidly growing team of enthusiastic animators and designers. 

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