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Instructions for 2D Animators' Test Video

NOTE: Only the software mentioned below can be used to make the sample video.

For the OrangeCat & Friends (귤냥이와 친구들) project, we are building a team of 2D, 3D, and versatile 2&3D Animators.  Animators can see below the different instructions for the different styles. Please check it carefully, download the data, and follow the graphic guide included in the PDF 

The sample only needs to 15 seconds long for 2D - and include movement of all characters.

If you are interested in the freelance animator jobs we have, please see the instructions below for the test video we require applicants to submit. 

The data can be downloaded by clicking on the download buttons.

Send the video file (made according to the instructions below) to to complete the application.

English info included in the PDF

Instructions for animators: About
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Instructions for Test Video

To ensure that we hire the right candidate we would like to see a short sample of what the animator can do with the instructions and files we give them. Please see the information below:


Please find below 2D  related production guides and source files for the test video we require applicants to make of the first 15 seconds of the first scene.


Additional information:                                                                            

*Please use the program below.

  • 2D: Adobe Animate (Flash), AfterEffect (for post-production)

Instructions for animators: Text
Instructions for animators: Text
Instructions for animators: Text
Instructions for animators: Text
Orange Wall

OrangeCat & Friends Vision

Below is a link to the OrangeCat & Friends YouTube channel, containing all of our past videos for your reference or enjoyment:


We hope that we can create good animations together; we will review your skills based on the sample work produced.

It is our hope that 'OrangeCat and Friends' will become a great stepping stone for growth and develop into a good working relationship between freelancers around the world and our company.

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