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OrangeCat Global is looking for a studio or 3D animation team to partner with in the creation of online content for OrangeCat & Friends.


About Us

OrangeCat & Friends have arrived to entertain and teach children, not only in Korea but around the world!  OrangeCat & Friends YouTube videos provide various content such as different animated series, OrangeCat mascot videos, entertaining short video clips, and other edutainment materials.


Experts in the fields of animation, education, and entertainment produce materials for young learners. When engaging with OrangeCat & Friends’ materials, you will see how enjoyable it is to have fun and learn with these characters.


Sample of our existing 3D content:

Job Description:

  • Make use of 2D animations, along with ai. animatics provided by the employee, along with instructions, to create a finalized 3D version of the video needed

  • Provide (1) modeling, (2) rigging, (3) Animation, (4) rendering, and (5) composition services.



  • 4+ years of experience creating animated 3D content

  • Skilled in << 3ds MAX or Maya, V-ray, Phoenix FD, AfterEffect >>

  • Able to provide (1) modeling, (2) rigging, (3) Animation, (4) rendering, and (5) composition services.

  • Able to communicate fluently in English.


OrangeCat Global matches the price list of the studios/teams deemed suitable matches for our projects.


To Apply check the info below and contact:

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