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About OrangeCat & Friends

We, at OrangeCat & Friends (Recognition and Facts - 인식과 사실), have embarked on a mission to entertain and educate children not only in Korea but all over the world! On our YouTube channel, you can find a plethora of content, including various animated series, videos featuring our beloved OrangeCat mascot, and a wide range of educational materials. We've become your ultimate online destination for all things Orange Cat and Friends!

Our team consists of experts in the fields of animation, education, and entertainment, who work diligently to produce materials that bring both fun and learning together. When you engage with our content, you'll quickly realize how enjoyable it is to have a great time while learning alongside our lovable characters. We're excited to share this journey with you and kids everywhere!

OrangeCat & Friends귤냥이와 친구들 YouTube Series

Through our video series, OrangeCat and his friends embark on exciting adventures to different places worldwide and explore areas inside the house as well. Our primary objective is to educate children about essential topics like hygiene and health while ensuring they have a blast watching the videos. Our content provides a unique blend of education and entertainment, making learning an enjoyable experience for kids.

Our Video Series: Video

Featured: Emergency!

We teach children important things about hygiene, and how it can be fun to learn about day-to-day things.

Our Video Series: Video
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